Smart SAA

Sex Drive - ADAM

Know your numbers:

  • Ask your GP or pharmacist about cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI and glucose. You can only check your testosterone level at your GP.
  • High risk BMI >30

    High risk waist circumference:
    (please use ethnicity for classification)

    Men : 94 cm (37 in)

    South Asians
    Men : 90 cm (35 in)

    Men : 90 cm (35 in)

    Men : 85 cm (34 in)
  • For more information about measuring your BMI, please visit
  • Erection problems can also be a marker for heart disease or early onset diabetes. Therefore, go to the pharmacist or your GP to get your numbers checked.
  • Only take medication prescribed by your clinician, never from an unreliable source especially the internet