In the UK, we are notorious for our reserved attitude to sex and discomfort with discussing the subject.
The fact is that sexual problems affect half of men and women at some point in their lives, and these can be an early indicator of underlying health problems. However, only a quarter of us seek help for sexual problems from a healthcare professional.

Our SMART app is designed to allow men and women to ask the questions about their sex lives that they didn’t feel comfortable asking before.

Erectile dysfunction
Having problems getting an erection? Take our test to find out what you can do about it.

Premature ejaculation
Sex not lasting long? Just answer a few quick questions and learn what options you have.

Sex drive
Not “in the mood” as much as you used to be? Get the advice you need in just 5 minutes.

Sexual problems in women
Having sexual pain or problems with orgasm? Answer 6 simple questions to find out more.

The SMART app is:

Access validated sexual health tests and questionnaires to assess your concerns and provide sound advice.

The app is PIN protected, so you can explore your sexual health concerns in complete privacy.

Contains information and advice relating to a wide array of sexual issues affecting men, women and couples.

All information entered into the app is completely anonymous, so your personal data is fully protected.

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