The results of the British Heart Foundation sex survey are available

Up until now, you may not have felt you could talk openly about your sexual concerns. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for someone else to bring up the subject – your doctor, your partner, people at cardiac rehab – but to no avail. That’s why Heart Matters decided it was time we tackled the issues head on with our exclusive sex survey. Here’s what we found out…

Three out of four respondents said that a heart condition has affected their sex lives. Of those who have been affected, 32 per cent said they had sex less often, while 19 per cent told us they had stopped having sex completely as a result.

The biggest single issue was erectile dysfunction (ED), which affected 70 per cent of men. Of those, 46 per cent believed this was due to their medication, 36 per cent believed it was both their medication and their condition, and 18 per cent blamed just their condition.

Loss of interest in sex was also a big issue, affecting 55 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men. Again, the most common reason given for this was medication, or both medication and their condition.