The Sexual Advice Association is run and supported by a friendly, expert team of sexual health professionals, ranging from academics and cardiologists to therapists and urologists.

Chair and Board of Trustees

Mr David Ralph
Chairman and Consultant Urologist
Professor Of Urology at University College London

Mrs Lorraine Grover
Psychosexual Nurse Specialist
The London Clinic
London and Buckinghamshire

Professor Kevan Wylie
Consultant in Sexual Medicine
Sheffield UK

Professor M G Kirby
Editor Trends in Urology & Men’s Health. Previously: Visiting Professor to the University of Hertfordshire & The Prostate Centre, London.

Dr Patricia Schartau
GP & Academic Clinical Lecturer with a specialist interest in Men’s Health and Sexual Medicine

In Memory

Dr Graham Jackson
Former Chairman and Consultant Cardiologist

Former Trustees

Mrs Tricia Barnes
Clinical Director
Tricia Barnes & Associates
London W1

Mrs Victoria Lehmann
Sex and Relationship Therapist
London Urology Associates

Dr Jonny Coxon
GP with a special interest in Sexual Medicine & Urology

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